Dear Members of Canada’s Founding Families™,

On July 1, 1867 there were several million Canadians that called these beautiful lands home.  They were the descendants of those first brave and courageous souls who had survived the dangerous journey to these shores. They then faced disease, extreme conditions, and starvation. They also had to learn to survive our harsh winters with little more than what they had on their backs and what they could put together with their bare hands.

Our country was built by settlers and pioneers; any other statement is simply false.

There is so very much for us all to discover and discuss. What are our families’ stories? How many of us are related? (As are, Céline Dion, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling)

Are we making our ancestors proud and continuing their legacy?

Our ancestors only had each other; themselves to count on. If we fail to do this for ourselves; no one else will. Together and side-by-side we will make the decisions on how to do so and work to made them a reality.

Let’s honour our ancestors and make sure that our history is never forgotten. Our children, grandchildren and all those to come after; deserve to know their history and their family’s legacy.

We are a very important part of that legacy and we are the only ones who can: Protect, preserve and further our history, heritage and culture.

The CFF™ Team    ©2013-2022