Volunteer positions are available in the following areas: organizing and communicating with members, marketing, fundraising, database creation/maintenance, survey creation/maintenance, and  research.

​Our apologies to everyone, you may have noticed that we also need some proofreading.

​Interested? Please contact us and let us know of your experience and in which capacity you would like to volunteer. Thanks to today’s technology, where you live matters little. All you really need is a computer, a printer-scanner and an internet connection.

​Please send a resume and also tell us about yourself and in which capacity you would like to volunteer. We also would like to know your thoughts about common sense and critical thinking.

​As we grow, these positions will become permanent and salaried. All positions will be held by CFF Members whenever possible.

​Please send a short resume and accompanying letter to: admin@canadasfoundingfamilies.ca